In the settings you can manage your addresses, activate extended payment functions and change your password. The settings for the mobile banking app are found under the separate heading, “Activate the Mobile Banking App”.


You can see the address saved with us and can change this directly following relocation. Please inform us about address changes for family members through the mailbox.

Extended payment functions

You can activate the capturing of payment files, the downloading of account data and debits via LSV+ and ISR. If you do not need these functions, you can deactivate them and the “Payment” section will become less cluttered. You can change the settings at any time to meet your requirements.

Change password

You can change your e-banking password here. Your password must meet the following criteria:

  • at least 8 characters
  • differentiation is made between uppercase and lowercase spelling
  • must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number
  • may not match one of your most recent 5 passwords
  • may not be a trivial password such as aaaa, abcd123, etc.
  • may not match your user ID or your mobile banking password

Do not disclose your personal password to anyone and please note that our staff will never ask you for your password!


In the “Settings” tab, you can see all the security-relevant settings that can be changed by you:

Monthly allowance without transaction signing

  • You can set a monthly limit of max. CHF 1,500 per contract for which no payment approvals have to be issued.
  • By default, this function is not activated, i.e. the limit is set to CHF 0.
  • The use of this function is optional.
  • A change of the limit must be confirmed via release by means of the second security feature.
  • The maximum permissible limit is CHF 1,500 per calendar month and is the responsibility of the client.
  • The amount applies per e-Banking contract and month for all manually entered payments to previously unknown recipients.
  • The limit accumulates those payments for which a payment release would have had to be made so far (see chapter “Payments / Transaction signing”).
  • If the payment is below the cumulated value, it does not have to be signed.
  • Payments from e-Banking and Mobile Banking are taken into account. The prerequisite for this is version 3.2 of the Mobile Banking App.

If a payment has to be signed, the limit is taken into account and the payment does not have to be signed. The available remaining amount of the limit is reduced by the corresponding amount.

This function offers added value especially to customers who primarily enter payments via Mobile Banking and previously still had to sign them later in e-Banking.

Example: You have entered a monthly allowance of CHF 1,500.

Date Amount Activity / Description
01.09.202x CHF 1‘500 Entry of monthly allowance without transaction signature
02.09.202x – CHF 600 1st payment: Entry of payment to a new beneficiary

Payment does not need to be signed as monthly allowance is sufficient.

02.09.202x = CHF 900 Remaining available monthly allowance
10.09.202x – CHF 1’000 2nd payment: same beneficiary as on 02.09.202x.

Payment must now be signed as the remaining available allowance is lower.

10.09.202x = CHF 900 Remaining available monthly allowance is unchanged
11.09.202x – CHF 350 3rd payment: Enter new payment to new beneficiary. Payment does not need to be signed as monthly allowance is sufficient.
11.09.202x = CHF 550 Remaining available monthly allowance
25.09.202x – CHF 250 4th payment: Same payment as on 11.09.202x
25.09.202x = CHF 300 Remaining available monthly allowance
01.10.202x CHF 1‘500 Monthly allowance is reset at the beginning of the month.

Geographical allowance of payments

Receiving regions of foreign payments can be managed here. By default, only payments in Europe are permitted. Other regions can be activated if required. If, as an exception, you would like to make a payment to a blocked region, a message will be displayed after you click on “Transfer”. You can make a change to the authorised regions via “Adjust settings”. If no payment is made to a certain region for a year, it will be blocked automatically.

Transactions for Mobile Banking

Here you can set whether transactions via the Mobile Banking App should be permitted. This function is also available in the “Mobile Banking” tab.

Geographical authorisation of cards

Define in which regions transactions with your cards are to be permitted. This function is also available via the menu item “Cards”.

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