Travel Payment methods

You can order new Travel Card under the function “Travel Payment methods”, and can also top up existing cards and order foreign currencies.

You can only use your own accounts for the order. Accounts belonging to another customer base (e.g. spouse) cannot be used. The foreign exchange rate used is set by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services and can deviate from the bank’s published currency exchange rates.

Order new card or top up existing card

The Travel Card is available in Swiss francs (CHF), euro (EUR) and US dollars (USD). It saves you unnecessary currency exchange and exchange rate losses while travelling in Europe and the USA. A newly ordered Travel Card takes 1 to 2 working days to deliver. Information about the Travel Card can be found at: Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services.

The topping up of an existing card generally requires around 30 minutes to become active.

Order foreign currency

Before ordering, read the conditions in your destination country and the recommendations about payment means. Note the possible import and export limitations for the currency you are requesting. It generally takes 1 to 2 working days to deliver foreign currencies. However, it can require up to 5 working days to deliver exotic currencies.


“Denomination” refers to the face value of a banknote or the banknote value amount. There are always small, medium and large notes. The division among them always depends on the notes available in a currency.

Example: The following banknote sizes exist for Swiss francs: CHF 10, CHF 20, CHF 50, CHF 100, CHF 200, and CHF 1,000

In this case, the 10 and 20 franc banknotes are considered “small banknotes”, the 50 and 100 franc notes as “medium banknotes” and the 200 and 1,000 franc notes as “large banknotes”.

Currency range

The range of currencies is listed below.

Standard currency banknotes

ISO Currency
AUD Australian dollar
CAD Canadian dollar
CHF Swiss franc
CZK Czech koruna
DKK Danish krone
EUR Euro
GBP British pound
HKD Hong Kong dollar
JPY Japanese yen
NOK Norwegian krone
NZD New Zealand dollar
SEK Swedish krona
SGD Singapore dollar
THB Thai baht
USD US dollar
TRY New Turkish lira

Exotic currency notes

ISO Currency
AED United Arab Emirates dirham
ARS Argentine peso
BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
BBD Barbados dollar
BGN Bulgarian lev
BHD Bahraini dinar
BMD Bermudian dollar
BND Brunei dollar
BRL Brazilian real
BSD Bahamian dollar
BWP Botswana pula
CLP Chilean peso
CNY China Yuan Renminbi
COP Columbian peso
CRC Costa Rican colon
DOP Dominican peso
EGP Egyptian pound
FJD Fiji dollar
HRK Croatian kuna
HUF Hungarian forint
IDR Indonesian rupiah
ILS Israeli new shekel
INR Indian rupee
ISK Iceland krona
JMD Jamaican dollar
JOD Jordanian dinar
KES Kenyan shilling
KRW Korean (South) won
KWD Kuwaiti dinar
LBP Lebanese pound
LKR Sri Lankan rupee
MAD Moroccan dirham
MUR Mauritian rupee
MXN Mexican peso
MYR Malaysian ringgit
NAD Namibian dollar
NIP Northern Irish pound
NPR Nepalese rupee
OMR Omani rial
PEN Peruvian sol
PHP Philippine peso
PKR Pakistani rupee
PLN Polish zloty
RON Romanian leu
RSD Serbian dinar
RUB Russian ruble
QAR Qatari riyal
SAR Saudi Arabian riyal
SCP Scottish pound
TND Tunisian dinar
TTD Trinidad & Tobago dollar
TWD New Taiwan dollar
VND Vietnamese dong
XCD Eastern Caribbean dollar
XOF West African CFA franc
XPF New Caledonian CFP franc
ZAR South African rand

For exotic banknotes, it cannot always be guaranteed that all denominations are available (large, medium or small). This means that for “small”, “medium” or “large” orders it may sometimes not be possible to grant a request. If, for example, the small denominations of the requested currency are lacking, then the ordered amount in such cases will be also be delivered in the medium and large denominations at hand.

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